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Image00006Our recipe of the week comes about from having enjoyed a meal at home, using seasonal vegetables, and a desire to share this with you all. Explore this section and find this weeks recipe plus all the previous recipes that we have posted.

This weeks recipe is;

Burger Van Onions

In honour of the biggest pan of onions I have ever come across at the Gourmet Ostrich Burger Tent at Cropredy Folk Festival this year, this weeks recipe of the week is Burger Van Onions. You don't need a giant Paella pan for yours though!

Eat and enjoy!

Here are the 3 most popular recipe's of the week we have posted to date;

  1.  Mashed Carrot and Swede
  2.  Pea and Feta Frittata
  3.  Sticky Toffee Puddiing

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asparagusandcamembertWriting about the life cycle of food means that at some point we need to cover off cooking the produce. If you are just starting to cook, check out our "Prepare and Cook" pages for more information on getting your veg ready to cook and the different ways you can cook them. We cover;

If you already know how to do the basics and are looking for more interesting things to make when your vegetables and eggs are in season and you are eating them every day, explore our recipe section and find something tasty that you can add to your favourites list.


Eat and enjoy!

banoffee pie 2I love food and hate the thought of wasting it, for all sorts of reasons. This isn't always a good thing, as my ever increasing waisteline shows. But when we have more than we know what to do with I don't like to just throw it away either. Of course there are plenty of ways to reduce food waste without eating it all. Explore this section and find out about;



jamsatshowOur ancesters were very good at preserving the food gathered at the harvest. They had to be as there were no shops to go to when they ran out. If you are interested in longer term preserving methods for saving your own harvest explore this section and learn about some of the home preserving methods that are available for you to use. You will find also learn about;

  • which fruit and vegetables freeze best and tips for freezing food successfully
  • preserving whole fruit and vegetables in bottles and jars, recipes for the bottling liquids and equipment you need
  • everything you need to know about making jams, chutneys and pickles, plus 7 steps to successful jam making
  • Some great recipes to get you going

peasharvestedapples1 2012rhubarbrunnerbeanchutney


This section is a guide to those thinking about keeping chickens in a domestic garden. Explore this section and find out everything you need to know about chickens. Including;




finished.compost1 220x165If you make compost at home for yourself, you are making free compost. Explore this section to learn all about the different composting methods you can use at home, what you can and can't compost and when your compost is ready to use. Explore our FAQ's to answer most of your composting questions and learn how and when to use this wonderful nutritious material that you can produce free using your own kitchen and garden waste. The different methods covered include;

  • Cold Composting, using one or more compost bin
  • Hot composting, using a compost heap
  • Using a wormery, looking after your worm community and how to use worm casts and leachate
  • Bokashi, used for processing meat and ccoked food waste
  • Explore the other kinds of compost available and how to compost things that shouldn't go in your compost bin



finishedbag3I have been making paper bags to use as giveaway bags for many years and my customers love them. I have been asked many times how I make them. So follow this link to my simple step by step guide and learn how you can turn a single sheet of any paper into your own gift bags too. Remember you can use any paper not just newspaper.


vegFor years we have used any spare space in the garden to grow a bit of fruit and veg. This then means we have had a fresh supply in season of whatever we have been able to grow, and yes it does taste better straight from the garden to your plate. Explore this section to learn;

Vegtables covered so for include Asparagus, Carrots, Peas, Potatoes and Runner Beans;

Aspaprgus2carrotsharvested2 2012onions crop 2peasharvestedpotatoesrunner2 2012